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“KHOE SPA” (formerly known as Fuji Massage Center) was established in July, 2010.

With 8 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, thoroughly invested in facilities and staff, advanced equipment, and modern architecture – “KHOE SPA” has beautiful spaces that bring a feeling of warmth, harmony and luxury.
The spa style at “KHOE SPA” is a fusion of famous “massage” schools in the world and the foundational style – “shiatsu” (a two-thumb acupressure therapy founded by Tokujiro Namikoshi). It is a harmonious combination between Thai body massage, Hong Kong essential oil body massage and Tibetan hot stone massage. Additionally, foot massage therapy is also a special highlight of “KHOE SPA” to help your feet become stronger and healthier.

Daily stress will be relieved, moments of deep relaxation and recovery will come when you’re being cared for by the skilled hands of technicians trained by leading experts in the art of relaxation.
We always try our best to promote the significant benefits of professional body massage in Saigon, and Vietnam in general, with the goal of building a healthy and happy community.

Please support “KHOE SPA” and join us on the journey of making life more simple, peaceful, and meaningful.




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